How do humans communicate with computers | Binary code

How do humans communicate with computers | Binary code
How do humans communicate with computers | Binary code

Computer is an electronic device, that can be programmed to process, store, and retrieve data. And carry out arithmetic or logical operations automatically , however, it does not understand the humans language. So how do humans communicate with computers ?

Computer constitute of many electronic circuits, those circuits can either pass the electricity or don’t passing, apart from that it can do nothing. So here, thereotically passing of electricity is 1 and not is 0.

So computer only understand the language in 0 and 1. Therefore every orders is converted into binary code to get executed.
The computer hardware identify the 0 and 1 with the help of the voltage that passes through the components.

Computer software translates between binary code (machine code), and the data that you work on computer, such as text, photos, color, sound, and video.

Example :

  • 01100001 = represents the letter “a
  • 01100010 = letter “b
  • 01100011 = letter “c
  • 01100100 = letter “d
  • 01100101 = letter “e
  • 01100110 = letter “f
  • 01100111 = letter “g
  • 01100001 01101110 01100100 01110000 01110010 01101111 01100110 = this code represents “andprof
  • RGB color represented by:
    • Red = 10001110
    • Green = 10010110
    • Blue = 01111011

In the past before, the instructions were then, by hand, translated into the binary values. As computers technology progressed, the methods of code entry became more advanced. So Programmers have no need to manual translation step any more, to reach into a binary code.


A programming language is constitute of a series of symbols and alphabets that serves as a bridge that allow humans to translate our thoughts into information computers can understand. The programming language requires a compiler to translate the program into machine language (binary code) to execute the program.

translating programming language to machine code (binary)

translating programming language to machine code (binary)

Compiler is a computer program, that translates high-level programming language, to a lower level language (machine language).


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