Technical steps to make the Wi-Fi signal strong at Home


Dropped Wi-fi signals, and browsing slowing is considered as common problems that facing many people. For that reason we will recognize Technical steps to make the Wi-Fi signal strong and fast at Home.

Change your router location.

Don’t put the router on home corner, or in places that can obstruct the passing of signal in a good way, such as walls or home appliance.
Place your router in a central location at the house.

Adjust the antennas on the router.

Adjust the antennas of your router, if you want spread signal in one single-story, put antennas verticcally. If you want to spread the signal upstairs or downstairs put antennas inclined at an angle of ( 30 to 45 ) degrees to the horizontal surface.

Update Your Router Firmware.

If you really want to get the most out of your router
Update your router firmware to get the most out of your router, and to get faster speed. In addition get important security updates as well.

Many current routers have the update operation built right into the administration interface, so it’s just a question of hitting a firmware update button.

Protect your Wi-Fi from unwanted users.

The connecting of many unwanted users with your Wifi lead to slow it down. So you have to change the password of the router from while to another. And make the password very strong, With numbers, letters and symbols included.
And it better to make the Wifi invisible for all.

Disconnect the devices you aren’t using.

Disconnect the devices which you are not using, to reduce the pressure on the Wifi.
And get modern routers because it have a good advantage which is the quality of service, this feature helps you to give priority the traffic to some appliances or clients over others.

Test your Internet speed.

First, turn on an Internet rapidity test, that is the better way to check if you are getting the speed you are paying for or not.
You can use one of this website ( or ), to check your Internet speed.

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