What is electronic circuit board, and what it role


Electronic circuit board is a printed circuit board (PCB), which is a rigid structure that contains electrical circuitry made up of embedded metal surfaces called traces and larger areas of metal called planes.
Components are soldered to the board onto metal pads, which are connected to the board circuitry. This allows components to be interconnected.

Electronic circuit board consist of two surfaces: surface of diagram, and the other surface called components surface.
– surface of diagram: They are metal strips in the form of a map, to connect electronic vehicles to each other.
– components surface: It is the interface that holds the electronic components that are soldered onto the electronic board.

Surface diagram example:

electronic circuit board

Components surface:


Role of electronic circuit board:

The electronic board is the motherboard of any electronic device, and it determines its function and operation, through the electronic components that have been soldered on this board, and the way in which these components are connected.
The electronic board plays an essential role in reducing the size of the device, as it takes the place of connecting wires, and collects the electronic components in a compact place.

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